Great people are at the core of Kidogo’s success.  Identifying, recruiting, and nurturing fresh young talent is critical to the sustainability and scalability not just of Kidogo but of ECD services in East Africa more broadly. For that reason, starting this year, we are launching a new internship program to host 2-3 local & international interns per year in our Head Office and field level operations.

This summer we were lucky enough to host our first two incredible interns from Kenyatta University’s Department of Education. Here, Sally and Raymond share some of their reflections on their experience at Kidogo:

2017-05-11-PHOTO-00000002Sally: During my internship I was fortunate enough to spend time with the children at the early childhood education centers. Through the time spent I was able to not only teach the children, but also experience them learning and discovering independently. As a ECD practitioner, I felt the curriculum was very comprehensive and it allowed me to practice and hone my skills as a secondary caregiver. I especially enjoyed the outdoor activities which involved the manipulation of play and learning materials – it was great to see the kids adapt. The environment at the center was incredibly warm and welcoming with both my colleagues and supervisors always willing to help me learn, support me and guide me through examples when need be. Overall, the Kidogo Kangemi center was well equipped – from staff, to materials and I believe it enables creativity to be at a peak thus allowing the kids to holistically stimulate their development. I am grateful to Kidogo for the opportunity, and if you are considering an internship I would recommend Kidogo!




Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 12.56.21 PMRaymond: I had the opportunity to work in the centres & also at Kidogo’s head office working with the R&D team. My experience at Kidogo was educating, wonderful and one of the most memorable experiences of my career thus far. I felt I was welcomed into the Kidogo family and I was struck by how the management serves as models to all the staff through exhibiting characteristics such as hard work, guidance and dedication to serving children. I say Kidogo family because I truly believe that Kidogo is a family, which is unlike many other organizations, a family that shares its challenges, problems and success. Because of being exposed to this positive environment at Kidogo I believe I have become a better individual than I was when I walked through the door a couple months ago. I have acquired skills and characteristics such as the value of a family, playfulness when serving children, and learned how to be bold and curious. I believe that with these rich experiences, new skills acquired and having both served at the Kidogo head office and in the field at the centers I am better equipped to enter the job market. I would encourage students who are looking for an internship to look no further – Kidogo is the place to be and you won’t be disappointed!

For more information or to apply for our internship program, email us on with your CV and a few words about why you are interested in becoming a Kidogo Fellow.