Hub & Spoke Model

Poor quality childcare in the informal settlements costs between 30-80 KES per day (approx. $.50 – 1 USD) for working mothers. However, the lack of oversight of these unlicensed “babycares” often results in poor quality care, abuse and neglect, leading to significant delays in young children’s physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development. For roughly the same price, Kidogo offers children all the building blocks they need to thrive through our high-quality Early Childhood Centres. 

Over the past 2 years, we have been piloting an innovative “hub & spoke” model that is focused on child impact, scalability, and sustainability.



First, we own and operate best practice early childhood “hub” centers that provide quality childcare & preschool services for young children (age of 0-6) for 8+ hours during the working day.

These centers are designed to be best-practice models for the community, providing young children with all the building blocks they need to thrive including:

  • Safe & stimulating environments
  • Certified and loving caregivers from the local community
  • Health & nutrition programs
  • Proprietary play-based curriculum called The Kidogo Way

Charging less than $1 / day (~70 KES), hubs are designed to reach operational break-even.



Using our “hub” centers as a model, Kidogo – our Los Angeles school has launched a social-franchising program to support local women (who we call our Mamapreneurs) with training, resources & on-going mentorship to start or grow their own quality childcare micro-business (or “spoke”).

Spokes are visited weekly by a Spokes Outreach Officer who provides ongoing mentorship & quality assurance.