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We Transform Trajectories

2023 Highlights
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Impact in Numbers

Some of our key achievements to date

Kidogo's Franchising Model

Learn more about our social franchising approach

The Kidogo Journey

Watch our journey from idea to 5 years!

Stories Of Change

Some inspiring comments from the people we work with

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Mamapreneur (Kawangware Day Nursery)

"When I started the training I had no confidence, I could not even face the parents to discuss issues concerning the children but now I can freely talk to the parents with confidence in what the children need, we help each other to take care of the children."



Mamapreneur (Victory Daycare)

"I started my daycare after my first training session by Kidogo. I've used the lessons I learnt from Kidogo to run my daycare since I started it. As a result of the training, enrollment in my daycare is increasing and I've made new friends."

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Kidogo Parent

"My child is now quite social and can now play peacefully with other children. She is more courageous. Everyday I come home she has something new to tell me. They (Kidogo) never shout at children, they reason with them. I have learnt to be patient with children and to give them time to listen to their ideas and treat them the same way caregivers treat them there."



Kidogo Parent

"My child has developed a lot since joining Kidogo. What makes me happy the most at Kidogo is that all their children, even the youngest, are active."

Theory Of Change

Our Theory of Change is simple: by providing young children with holistic and quality childcare & education during their first five years of life, we set them on a trajectory towards becoming happy, healthy adults and contributing members of society.

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