"Play is the brain's favorite way to learn" 


how do we do it? 


We operate a network of high-quality, low-cost early childhood centres in East Africa including: 

  • Supportive physical environments that encourage growth and learning
  • Trained caregivers that ensure children are clean, fed and nurtured
  • A customized ECE curriculum based on the Montessori & Reggio Emilia methodologies
  • Access to food, water & medical care required to protect their health & wellbeing

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Kidogo Early Years

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what do we do? 


Mothers in East Africa's informal urban settlements (or slums) face the difficult decision each day to either stay home with their children or go to work to make a living.


As a result, millions of young children are left at home alone, in the care of older siblings pulled from school, or with untrained neighbours. In each case, their healthy growth & development is compromised due to unsafe physical environments, caregiver neglect, and a lack of stimulation, locking them into a life of poverty. 


Our mission is to unlock the potential of young children through high-quality, affordable early childhood care.


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