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Kidogo featured in Van Leer Foundation's annual publication: Early Childhood Matters

We're thrilled to announce that Kidogo has been featured in the Van Leer Foundation's annual publication, Early Childhood Matters "The Wellbeing Issue." This publication sheds light on critical issues surrounding early childhood development, and we're honored to have our story showcased alongside other impactful initiatives.

In this edition, we're proud to share the inspiring journey of Dinnah, a dedicated mother residing in one of Nairobi's urban slums. Dinnah faced immense challenges in finding suitable childcare for her twin girls while she worked tirelessly as a cleaner. Her struggles with informal daycare were heart-wrenching, with her babies suffering from neglect and poor care.

But then, everything changed when Dinnah discovered a Kidogo center run by the remarkable Mamapreneur Lydia.

Lydia's dedication and commitment to providing quality childcare transformed Dinnah's life. From worrying constantly about her babies' well-being to now having peace of mind knowing they're in caring hands, Dinnah's story is a testament to the profound impact of Kidogo's mission.

In Dinnah's own words: "You can't compare the two centers, honestly. Lydia really takes good care of my children. I fully trust her. I don't have stress at all because I know my babies are in good hands."

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Van Leer Foundation and guest editor Tanmoy Goswami for amplifying the voices and stories of incredible women like Lydia and Dinnah. Together, we're making a tangible difference in the lives of families and children.

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