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Kidogo Collaborates with APHRC to Empower Women and Children

In the quest for high-quality childcare facilities that meet legislative standards and supported by Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) at IDRC, Kidogo joined forces with the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) and the County Government of Nakuru. Their mission: to inform Nakuru's Childcare Facilities Bill through data-driven policy discussions through conducting a study.

The study's objectives are crystal clear:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of Kidogo's model on women's labor engagement.

  • Identifying the pivotal elements within the Kidogo Program that drive success.

  • Establishing the cost and cost-effectiveness of implementing the Kidogo Program.

The heart of this effort lies in identifying a scalable childcare model that not only supports women in low-income communities but also harmonizes childcare responsibilities with economic productivity. Enter the Kidogo model—a versatile and adaptable solution outlined in APHRC's study.

This collaborative endeavor is more than just policy discussions; it's a strategic move towards creating a framework where childcare facilities not only adhere to legislation and standards but also thrive in meeting the needs of both women and children. By harnessing the power of data and community-driven insights, Nakuru is on the path to nurturing an ecosystem where quality childcare and economic empowerment go hand in hand. Stay tuned for updates on how this partnership shapes the future of childcare facilities in Nakuru, Kenya.

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