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Kidogo’s CEO/Co-Founder Sabrina Habib Speaks at World Bank 2023 Meeting

Sabrina Habib addresses World Bank staff on need to drive more funding to address the global childcare crisis.

Kidogo’s CEO/Co-Founder Sabrina Habib addressed 300 World Bank staff in person to share how and why investments in childcare are critical to building human capital, with the aim of inspiring and equipping World Bank staff to work with countries to do more and better work on childcare.

Sabrina, accompanied by Kidogo Mamapreneurs Eunice and Rose and Kidogo parents Elizabeth and Eric, in pre-recorded videos, discussed the challenges, opportunities and impact of a social franchising model like Kidogo’s and what is needed to create an enabling environment for childcare operators. As Sabrina said, “it’s going to take all sectors at the Bank to champion this issue in their own countries, bi-laterals and philanthropy to fund innovations, civil society organizations like Kidogo to try different models, research institutions to prove what works and ultimately, government to finance this because childcare is a public good.”

Engaging with the World Bank advances Kidogo's priority to instigate systems change by convincing more governments, funders and multilaterals to prioritize investments in childcare. At Kidogo, we are grateful for this opportunity to amplify the voices of Mamapreneurs like Eunice and Rose and parents like Elizabeth and Eric. We truly believe Chanzo Chanzo Makubwa ni Kidogo, “all great things start small” and having increased finance for childcare and including providers in discussions is a great first step.

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