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Kidogo Signs An MOU With Kisumu County To Provide Childcare At County Vocational Training Centres

Kidogo signed an MOU to provide childcare at Kisumu county TVET centres. There are 26 centres in Kisumu county, located in the West of Kenya near Lake Victoria, where young women are able to obtain skills development to better their lives and economic circumstances. However, when these young women become mothers they can either bring their child to school with them - which has led to dropouts or leave their child in an unsafe daycare environment. This is where Kidogo comes in: to ensure that young mothers don’t have to choose between going to school and taking care of their little ones.

Currently, Kidogo is piloting this project with 3 VTCs in Kisumu: Ahero, Akado and Obange, but plans on expanding to the additional 23 centres in the county. As part of the agreement, the County TVETs will provide the childcare space and Kidogo will train the caregivers.

This agreement would not have been possible without the hard work of our Kidogo team - especially our partnership team whose relationship-building made the MOU possible and our facilities team who created a safe, play-ready environment for the childcare centres.

In addition, Kidogo is very grateful to Kisumu County Officials, including County First Lady Dorothy Nyong'o, County Executive for Education, ICT and Human Capacity Development John Awiti and the Country Director for TVETs Pascalia Ouma, whose recognition that a lack of childcare is a barrier to learning for young mothers was instrumental in the agreement being signed.

At Kidogo we are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to seeing the positive impacts on young mothers and their children.

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