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Kidogo Welcomes Elaine Wacuka Hurt As Head of Policy & Partnerships

We are excited to deepen our policy and partnerships work with Elaine at the helm.

Elaine Wacuka Hurt is a systems thinker and social research practitioner who now

leads on Policy and Partnerships at Kidogo. Elaine has over 10 years of experience

conducting evaluations for sustainability and impact in several countries, including

providing inputs for program strategy, identifying program priorities, conducting pre-

implementation assessments and feasibility studies and engaging government

officials. Prior to Kidogo, Elaine worked at Tiny Totos, Georgetown University

Initiative on Innovation, Development and Evaluation, Plan International, Global E-

Schools and Community Initiative and the United Nations Department of Economic

and Social Affairs. Elaine holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Development

Management from the School for International Training and a Bachelor of Science in

Foreign Service from Georgetown University.  She was featured for her work to

expand a road safety intervention in East Africa based on two acclaimed randomized

control trials on BBC World Hacks in 2017.

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